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It is unimaginable how powerful internet can be. People are now ditching their 9 to5 drill to work from home. While internet has become a fully functional virtual world. It is now possible to hold careers, grow and learn and find job through the internet. You could be teaching yourself newer skills or upgrading yourself using the internet and soon turn into an expert. Now all this glory about the internet brings us to our main topic! Work from home jobs in India!

Below I’ll be listing down just a few, there are several more.


Digital Marketer/ Social Media Marketer

Digital marketing or social media marketing is listed amongst the best new age careers. A beginner can expect around 20k to 40k per month salary.

A digital marketer is an individual responsible for holding up a brands image online. He / She is required to create ads for the brand and promote them. Study analysis. Pick up crucial points and draw strategies to get better impressions. If you have worked with major companies. That adds on.

Data Entry

Another in demand work from home and earn money online is the Job of Data Entry. An individual in this field, is required to put together raw data, organize and enter into a secured system. It is a demanding field and requires a person to be efficient and easy going. Precision is another factor that is a must have for a person in Data Entry field of work.

This profile is easily mistaken to be very easy. It requires good amount of dedication.  You can charge for each project or earn your pay according to hours worked. This is another hefty paying job. Your experience adds.

Online Tutoring

Well we all know of the popular Bangalore based startup that has successfully made its name amongst the big Indian corporations. Byju’s is a corporation providing personalized online tutoring and doubt clearing. What I am trying to highlight here is that online teaching has turned into a booming career. It is easier to avail and time saving. Which why many people feel comfortable availing them.

Your area of tutoring does not necessarily have to be around school/college subjects. You be teaching certain skills online too. You can even give baking/ cooking classes online.




For a lot of reasons, women, home makers, mothers have to give up on their jobs and careers so that they can put their time and energy into their families. With their lost jobs they lose their financial independence too.

If you are woman who is looking to restart a career and become financial independent but at the same time does not wants to stop being a home maker. There are several work from home opportunities to make money.

Ever heard of Meesho. Well it is an India based application available on play store that let’s women home makers and mothers buy and resell online and make up to Rs.25000 a month. You could be an entrepreneur and sell your work online.

Well you could not be an entrepreneur and yet make money online. Here’s how!

  1. Graphic designer


If art has been your hobby. If you are good with pencil work or even designing. Graphic designing is something to opt. it is an excellent and creative work. All you need to do is learn using Graphic designing tools and look for a job. The market wide and always on a hunt for new talents.


  1. Content writer


Another job area in the creative field. Of you are a book lover, an avid reader and writer by hobby. Content writing is a job segment you could try out. It helps you grow and learn while earning a decent pay. It has flexible work hours and your hard work and creativity is always appreciated.


Contents are needed everywhere. 70% of internet users engage in reading blogs. Thus this is an in demand work area where you have to cater to the needs of target audience and write engaging content for them. You will be working under website owners.


  1. WordPress developer


A wordpress developer is an individual responsible for coding and designing a website to give it an interesting look.


There has been a demand in wordpress developers quite recently.


It is very prosperous. And has high potentials on money making factors.


Needed skills for a wordpress developer are, that he must know to write plugins and make websites user friendly and functional.




APPLICATIONS IN INDIA TO EARN MONEY ONLINE FROM….your regular work from home job hunt now made easier!!


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